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The motivation for making this film was born in Burgos (Spain), by a desire to graphically capture perhaps little known aspect of the city; its gothic, mysterious, fantastic side, which merges with the rural image of the county, its towns and its century-old stone and cold arid wastelands.

In this rural world, among young people especially, conservation ideas arise; the need to conserve endangered species, although these species have been considered vermin since forever, and even more in this case.

The heroine of this story takes this moral imperative as an excuse to sacrifice the interests of ignorant, uncouth, even healthy, in favor of being sick and of course avocado to extinction, but which, in the eyes of a self-proclaimed decision instance, is greater.

This selfish deviation, this self-proclaimed righteous, is generated from a romantic attraction. Love is once again used as ethical reason to justify the murder of innocents.

Is it justifiable murder? Entrusted to a stream of politically correct thinking we can relax and do think their ethical value justifies everything?

Is it ethical to save wolves but let sheep die at the hands of these?

Do we really want to save the wolf as such or we want to save our romantic idea of ​​the wolf?

Ethical positions are sometimes difficult to measure, is exposed in this story what happened and take your own conclusions viewer.

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