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Young-Adult / Male-Female

Terror / Hybrid Animation / Arthouse

B Movie, low budget (< 1,5 million €)

Warhol’s Dracula (Morrisey, 1974)
Waltz with Bashir (Folman, 2008)

100 pages with dialogues

90’ aprox



Ana´s life will take a radical turn when she meets a strange creature, a creature of legend. She begins a journey in which confuses the social commitment with love and both with a morbid obsession that will push her to transgress any moral limit.

A struggle between good and evil, a struggle of emotions, with secret meetings, chases and runaways by forests, cemeteries, gothic corners, old stone villages and desolate moors.


Ana returns from work one night and when passing a church, she feels that a strange presence is watching her. The vampire, hiding in the porch, sets his next prey. In the next days he pursues her without being seen; Ana senses it and thus is restless. She tells her boyfriend these feelings but he does not give them importance.

Finally, one afternoon in the forest, the vampire attacks; Ana fades and Farkas takes her up his abode in a cemetery´s mausoleum. When she awakes, Farkas tries to bite her but she stops him gently, her eyes sparkle as she stare, languid. The vampire, with a big heart asleep for centuries, understands that he can´t kill her.

They meet several nights later. Farkas tells her about his origin, his precariousness and his wandering in history; he has the suspect that he is the last of his kind. Hearing all this, Ana will determine that her ethical obligation is to protect the vampire from extinction.

Ana observes that the vampire kills some people to eat and tells him not to kill but, of course, he needs to live. Ana is faced with a dilemma.

One night he attacks a girl and takes her to the mausoleum where he lives and feeds on her. Tasio, the gravedigger, observes the scene terrified. Tasio tells the next day what happened to their companions; all of them are hunters and they decide a plan to kill the beast.

Moved by his love, the vampire fasts to not upset his beloved, but Ana realizes and feels guilty. She decides to sacrifice an old and evil schoolmate giving her to Farkas. That night, in the quiet of the grave, Ana and Farkas kiss. The hunters, who observe hidden, do not support what is happening and attack: the lovers manage to flee.

Ana escapes her village to hide Farkas, she expects they not find him there. She tells what happened to her boyfriend waiting for help but he, filled with jealousy and indignation, despises her.

She will try to give pig blood to Farkas to avoid having to kill. Spend a few days but not work, the vampire is very weak, he needs human blood. Ana has to go out and kill, Farkas can no more. At first she chooses the old ones, they have little life, but their blood is poor and there are not many. She has no choice to sacrifice an old and good friend: she has given all.

With so many deaths occur several burials in the village and the church requires the services of Cholo, eventual undertaker. Cholo is also a member of the Tasio´s hunters group. Cholo tells them this unusual increase in burials and Tasio suspicion.

Parallely the Ana´s boyfriend, Diego, jilted, decides to get rid of the vampire revealing his whereabouts to the hunters group. They tie ends and begin their hunt; Diego will indicate the Ana´s house location.

While Ana quietly sees the wolves chapter from the "Man and Earth" on her TV she falls asleep. The distant sound of cars wake her at dawn and she observes across the window a headlights coming to town. She goes out to see who they are; at the end of the street sees the hunters gang with their weapons and, at their side, Diego. Quickly she understands what´s going on and runs to the barn to take out Farkas. Both they run away to church, but Tasio discovers them; they will escape to the moor.

Hunters, at a fixed and leisurely pace, chasing them through the moor. Ana looks back very nervous and hits a stone twisting her an ankle. Prostrate on the ground implores to Farkas desperately to escape. When the hunters come up to Ana, they point her their weapons. Diego intervenes to they decline their guns, Tasio and his group spit her with contempt and continue to the vampire. Diego stays next to her to impede she continues.

Hunters reach the vampire who are also on the ground dejected by cartridges. They shot him several times but can not kill him. Tasio puts a stone into the vampire´s mouth and hits violently with the butt of his rifle, he knowns this is the only way to kill him. Ana cries inconsolably. A wolf who passed by there begins to howl.

Complete Literary Script (Nº Reg. Prop. Intelectual: 00/2015/3352)
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