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The project mainly contains 3 items with a strong character transmedia:

The Farkas’ Story

The Farkas’ prehistory, from his birth in Hungary until his journey along the Camino de Santiago, have endless original possibilities for multiplicity: making of versions, encyclopedias, viral expansion (its presence in historical events for example), comics, short films of fans, video games...

The village’s universe

The stay of Ana and Farkas in the village include a particular universe for creating a video game with multiple characters, environments and behaviors. There is a clear and specific goal, an executor character and a supernatural world with witches, vampires and victims.

The nature of the characters

The characters have great potential of immersion and extrabilidad both in terms of their technical nature and their personalities.

The fact that they are CGI characters in origin facilitates the versions for video game characters, dolls machining, 3D printing, digital drawing...

Also each character (primary and secondary) have a strong prototypical personality that favors their caricaturing, combination and reusing in other projects.

Extended Farkas` Story

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