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This project is a innovative proposal of hybrid CGI animation.

Unlike traditional hybrid animation, which is composed largely of real image and some landscapes, objects or characters CGI or vice versa; in this proposal all the characters are CGI and some environments and most of the objects.

This ratio could be described as an animated film 100%, but the real image is used in background landscapes, places, rooms, etc., in order to preserve the richness and beauty photography. In fact, the real shots are taken from a point of view of artistic photography to increase the visual beauty of the result.

The modern style "handheld camera" of the real shots combined with tracking technologies used for CGI integration, make that the final result has a peculiar and innovative appearance.

This hybridization has not intended to achieve realism, do not claim that the audience have doubt whether a character is real or not, the aim is to achieve an unprecedented unique visual style so far.

It want to bring the magic of the old graphic novels to film through animation: comics and photography, animation and emotions.

The use of snacks for the talks is integrated into this groundbreaking line; idea based on graphic novels that provides an innovative image without loss of understanding.

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