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The story is built on a classical narrative base that includes an impossible love and the struggle between good and evil, between the hunter and the hunted. The script follows a subtle rhythm contemplating combining the visual beauty, emotional moments, action, tension and terror. All these elements are able to immerse the viewer in the film.

There is also a guideline of the author for to include into all the film multiple images, shots or sequences, without overloading, having iconic content, that are special, something that will last in the memory of the viewer. This type of inserts as well as promoting the memory produces a peak of pleasure at the time of viewing associated with surprise and aesthetic beauty, which strengthens the interest may lift the film in the viewer.

It is a universal theme that can reach any person of any nationality. Both urban and rural settings, despite being specific locations, are within the universal imagination, however the people of the province of Burgos, people interested in European cultural heritage, etc. may be especially interested in seeing the film.

Technically it could be integrated into the vampire-horror genre, which would raise the interest of certain international communities like goth bands, for example. However there is not a genre film 100%, so it will leave room for less purists spectators.

Using text for the dialogues not only will facilitate translations into other languages, but it compatibilizes the accessibility without creating versions.

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