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It propose the use of photography and video for landscapes and complex elements, combined with CGI animation for characters and some simple scenarios like simple rooms.

Although it may qualify as a color film, the range can go from an absolute black and white, solarized, through grayscale to a color with low saturation, or saturation diverted to basic colors. All this depends on the aesthetic needs of each scene and the lighting of the scenes.

In CGI scenes composed of rooms, for example, it can use a normalized color to a shade according to the atmosphere. It is intended to give preference to the visual impact against the regularity of tones.

The picture is subject to a smoothing bright or "glare" to create an atmosphere of reverie.

Portrait of Gothic Burgos, cemetery, forests and lonely and troubling areas. The atmosphere elapse mostly in the hours "witches": evening and autumn-winter.

With the mix of animation and live photography it tryes to create a look inspired by the mystery of the old graphic novels that appeared in some magazines.

Aesthetic inspiration in the 70`s Hammer Horror - The Factory (Warhol) and the covers of mystery paperback novels of Jean Ray

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