Video games have become an important element of the entertainment offer.

Combining the tools and techniques of interactive programming and animation, we develop entertainment and didactic video games.


The Eternal Adventure is a story-based 2D video game built on HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, designed for use on web platforms.

Its aim is to awaken the Internet user's interest in the spiritual life, through the emotional motivation involved in the development of the videogame.

It consists of four sequential parts that the avatar chosen by the Internet user (a male or female explorer) visits. A guide character, represented by a pigeon, will accompany the avatar throughout the adventure.

During the game, the avatar will visit different scenarios that represent different ideas related to the spirit. In each scenario he will meet different characters with whom he will engage in deep conversations.



Serious Game for learning calculus for primary school children.

Set in an environment of children`s play, it consists of a series of small Caribbean islands that the student moves in.

On each island are a series of pirate themed objects with which to practice different calculus exercises specially designed for children.

Left Right. Subtract vertically. Add the 10. The Clock, are some of the exercises that in a very playful and visual can be practiced in this fun educational video game.


The saga Cuidadín Cuidadínez

An example of didactic video game is the Cuidadín Cuidadínez series, developed for the Junta de Castilla y León.

A saga of video games designed to teach Prevention of Occupational Risks to children between 8 and 15 years.

The idea is based on two parameters

It is advisable to teach the Prevention of Occupational Risks from an early age in order to form "good habits".

Players learn very directly how to overcome the obstacles of the game to go through the stages.

This feature is perfect for education, because we can create obstacles and events loaded with didactic content.
The player learns to have fun.


In 2011 it was decided to develop a new educational video game for the Prevention of Occupational Risks but this time focused on an adult audience. This ends the saga Cuidadín Cuidadínez and develops PRL-ACT

The purpose of the video game is to visit virtually 4 typical environments of a company, to monitor the objects that are being found and to evaluate whether or not they comply with the regulations of Occupational Risks Prevention.

You can consult a tutorial where you can get all the information necessary to finish the game without errors.


With the revolution of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with great processing and storage capacity and a spectacular graphic resolution, the possibility of developing video games with game structures and architectures specifically designed for this type of device is born.


Video Game of puzzle resolution type entertainment. Specially designed for mobile devices.

It consists of 30 levels. Each level is a stay or an environment. An aesthetic of strong contractors and psychedelic colors is used.

Near Saturn has discovered a crack in the space-time tissue that threatens to swallow the entire solar system. A world commission sent an expedition to build a laboratory on the icy moon Encédalo and develop a catalyst that could close the crack.

However, years later, some sort of unknown problem wiped out the entire expedition. Nevertheless, news had been received about the existence of the miraculous catalyst, although it had not been possible to use it.

The protagonist, a kind of little "big head alien", is sent as a last chance. He will have to solve multiple problems and overcome obstacles in both the orbiting ship and the surface station, to obtain the catalyst and to close the threatening crack.


Mortadelo & Filemon Videogame

In 2014 we made a proposal for the production of a freemium video game for mobile devices based on the adventures of Mortadelo & Filemon.

The game consisted of our intrepid agents discovering and deactivating an atomic bomb hidden in the city. For this they had a limited time before the whole city exploded by the air.

The player will drive a car with the protagonists inside and will move through a city stage with labyrinthine streets and numerous obstacles.

In addition, the game has a bonus screen where to acquire gadgets that improve their tools and powers.

Some images of the game:



The term "serious games" encompasses different types of video games and refers to a type of applications that, while being identical in technology and operation to a video game, do not have a purely entertainment purpose.

We can include simulators for the training of physical or mental capacities, interactive manuals, commercial applications and the so-called "advergames", that although they can be "entertained", its true purpose is the promotion of a brand or company.


Somnia is a seriousgame for the stimulation of sleep in the player.

The human being has a powerful suggestive capacity that influences his reality. Somnia intends to take advantage of this capacity to cause gradual states of relaxation that induce drowsiness.

This stimulation is carried out through the sensory evocation of pleasant activities, by navigating through evocative natural environments, which generate states of relaxation and well-being, facilitating generative changes towards a stillness that stimulates sleep.

Somnia proposes a dreamlike and evocative experience through audiovisual art that invites tranquility.




Litemotion is a video game that mixes the graphic adventure with the resolution of tests for the stimulation of positive emotions in the player. It is a Simulator of the Increase of the Self-esteem.

The human being possesses a powerful capacity for suggestion that influences his reality. Litemotion aims to take advantage of this ability to provoke sensations of energy gain, joy, sociability and security, improving the player's life experience and soul strength. This stimulation is carried out through sensory evocation (immersion in visual and sonorously relaxing environments), through attention and situational exercises, which generate states of relaxation and well-being, facilitating Generative changes towards a more optimistic life vision.

Due to its evaluation capacity and level of personalization, it has applications in different fields, such as HR, coaching or health.



Driver Simulator

In 2013 GATA, together with an ITCL team, developed a videogame for learning and virtual driving practice. It could be used by students in driving schools as a support in the learning process.

The simulator offered different environments: urban driving, road, port, crossing, motorway and even a specialized circuit for certain official tests.

Different modes of play were also offered: free driving, selection of specific exercises, selection of climate, traffic density and pedestrians in the urban area, time of day, etc.


Visual and Interactive Business Management E.R.P.

It is a commercial "build it yourself" application integrated into a business management software. It is intended for companies with modular product kind, such as a bathroom module factory, for example.

The customer, through the internet, can build his own bathroom by selecting from the furniture that are organized in bookstores. It is possible to choose between different environments, select, move and remove furniture, change sizes, textures, colors, characteristics, accessories, etc ...

Once the desired composition is obtained, the application generates a plane of dimensions to ensure that it fits perfectly. At that moment the customer can order the order directly to the factory, the operators will obtain a standard order with all the necessary data and will generate the reports for production.

The application is connected to the management system of the company, so the user application will only show the products in stock, and vice versa. Once the order is launched, the company`s E.R.P. will automatically mark the products of the composition in the order processing state.



GATA ESTUDIO currently has several projects of video games in portfolio in different states of development:

In Search of Clean Energy

It is an educational videogame in the field of renewable energies. Of graphic adventure type, it is destined to adolescents and young people.

The protagonist is the grandson (you can select between two characters, masculine or feminine) of a great scientist who is about to discover the method to generate a form of energy based on cold fusion, but has lost an essential formula for get it.

Grandfather asks the protagonist for help in finding it: it must be done with a secret code.

From that moment begins the search for the code that will be the key to get the formula. In the search you will find obstacles and tests to overcome, all related to the knowledge that encompasses sustainable energy.

If the protagonist succeeds in finding the code, cold fusion will be possible and have achieved a form of cheap, abundant and clean energy: a great prize.


Author graphic adventure.

This is a mystery 3D video game. The method of play is based on the resolution of enigmas, puzzles, riddles, etc.

The protagonist, a journalist, receives a message from a well-known anthropologist asking for help. This woman had disappeared a few days before while doing research in an abandoned and remote town called Perros. The journalist decides to travel to Perros to try to discover the enigma. You will face a place full of mysteries, with an intriguing atmosphere and you will begin to think that perhaps the town is not completely abandoned.

Throughout your adventure you will realize that everything is different than you thought, Dogs is not what it seems.

Emotional Virtual Reality in Natural Interfaces

One of the most exciting and innovative applications of RV tools is what we have called Emotional Virtual Reality (EVR). This is an application that has not yet standardized but with great potential. In order to develop these applications, several techniques and disciplines must be combined with the VR, such as Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life and disciplines such as Psychology or Sociology.

In principle, it is a simulator for training, such as those already standardized in technical fields (vehicles, engineering, etc.), but here it is intended an emotional level training in order to improve the self-control of individuals in situations of stress.

There are many fields to which the EVR can apply, but there is an example that explains very clearly the purpose of this tool, it is the sale of insurance and financial products.

In this sector, small courses are usually given to new vendors where they are given a series of keys so that they learn to react to different types of potential customers. An EVR applied would consist of introducing all this teaching in a virtual environment and confront the students to real sales situations with characters equipped with Artificial Intelligence with which they would have to converse in real time, and all this immersed in complete and alive scenarios (Natural Interfaces). The student would have to decide from the time to set the alarm, the choice of the tie, face a jam and possible delays, talk to the receptionist of a large office building to the interview with a manager interested in financial products.

In summary, it is a video game of role type or graphic adventure where the objective is to sell and whose contents are designed by expert sociologists, psychologists, professional salesmen, etc. Obviously this idea can be applied to many other objectives: to overcome the stage fright in presentations before the public, to train students of last year for future job interviews, help in various psycho-sociological disabilities, etc.

SEE PROJECT DOCUMENT V-REMO (asperger syndrome)

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