A PSY.IC Demo is available for several platforms.
The Demo contains 2 representative levels from a total of 30 levels that make up the complete game.



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Psychedelic Spaceship (PSY.IC) is an amazing 3D Video Game of sideral adventure specially designed for mobile devices.

The game is based on three pillars of equal importance: the gameplay, the visual evocation and the music.

PSY.IC born from the idea of the iconic power, the ability to create worlds, environments and images, that Science Fiction has had since its birth.

Fusion concept is applied not only to the imaginary Sci-fi: narrative, music, aesthetics, graphic design, etc ... but to own game design.

Because of the intimate connection between video games and science fiction, whose bond is mainly created by the technology as an artistic concept, also it opted for a merger of several game mechanics. The graphic adventure serves as guideline for achieving the target, but at each level there are several obstacles to overcome based on different mechanical: puzzles, mazes, skill, riddles, etc ...

As for the graphic design, the merger is done by introducing elements and styles based on many science fiction movies and other works of the genre.

Overall the aesthetic tends to an explosion of colors and shapes based on the Space Age, the golden age of science fiction around the 60s-70s.

For example, Saturn is chosen as the place where the story go by because Saturn is the planet most pop with its Hula Hoop. This aesthetic line favors the adjective Psychedelic in the game title.

The story itself is built with typical Sci-fi literature arguments: black holes, mysteriously disappeared crews, robotic heroes, etc ...

All this fusion of iconic references is carried out with a principle of integration for a finished, solid product with a singular style.

Psychedelic Spaceship is intended for entertainment while playing runs through suggestive and evocative sideral environments.



In 2068 a fracture in the space-time fabric near to Saturn was discovered, scientists predicted that in less than a century the black hole would destroy the solar system.

The only way around it was to launch a dark matter block (DMB) in the event horizon. Dark matter, recently discovered, will collapse the fracture sealing it forever.

An ambitious project began by sending a freighter spaceship to the Enceladus orbit. A laboratory was built on the Saturn's moon surface to make the DMB, taking advantage of low temperatures.

Everything was going well, DMB was ready, but the crew stopped communicating inexplicably, they was disappeared. It wasn't more time, the fracture was reaching a point of no return.

Ground Control decided to send to Major Tom, the best expert of the fleet, to recover the DMB and finally close the threatening vortex.



After the disappearance of the original mission crew, Ground Control decides to send his best expert, Major Tom, to face the desperate situation.

Major Tom reaches the mothership orbiting Enceladus, the Saturn icy moon. He will find a place uninhabited although operating. Tom looks for DMB (dark matter block) through the halls and rooms of the ship facing multiple obstacles.

Finally reaches the EVA room. Takes a small exploration ship to go to the base on the Enceladus surface. Once inside the base he must be overcome, again, many challenges. He'll also find some clue about the disappearance of the original crew, but he must return to the mothership without delay.

To the half way his exploration ship runs out of fuel and Tom has to leave to the interplanetary space. Thanks to an extra-vehicular equipment and a jet pack that was found at the base, he can introduce by a hidden duct in the mothership.

Finally, Tom finds the DMB in a strange panoramic vehicle. Inside the psychedelic ship should go to the space-time fracture to shoot the DMB, but he will be immersed in an amazing experience beyond the limits of physics.



PSY.IC is a graphic adventure videogame with 3D graphics. It is designed especially for mobile devices. With large buttons and text boxes, scrolling point to click for an easy tactile use, a design optimized for low graphic yields, etc ...

However, mainly because of its visual richness, a desktop version will be held including more complex graphics and visual effects (depth of field, motion blur, color maps, glows and glares, etc ...)

Psychedelic Spaceship consists of 30 levels. Tom, the protagonist must overcome these levels to achieve the goal of the game. Each level is a different environment with different visual designs and different tests to overcome.

There has been a demo version with 2 levels that are representative of performance, style and intentions of the full game.



As discussed above, the Psychedelic Spaceship design makes constant winks to science fiction of all time. These are some of the most significant:

 Space Oddity

Ground Control sends our hero, Major Tom, to Saturn to save the Solar System from extinction. The phrase Ground Control to Major Tom appears in the pretty song Space Oddity by David Bowie (1969).


Solaris is a 1972 science fiction art film by Andrei Tarkovsky. This is a meditative psychological drama occurring mostly aboard a space station orbiting the fictional planet Solaris. Some architectonical and visual styles in the game are inspired by the film.


 2001: a Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic drama of adventure and exploration science fiction film by Stanley Kubrick. This master work inspires a wide number of elements from different nature along the game.


 The Black Hole

The impressive Kilian Eng's illustrations made for the film The Black Hole (Disney - 1979), permeates designs and visual concepts through the game.



The protagonist's design, Tom, is inspired, among others, on the astronaut robot Kirobo.



The Tom's aspect, with luminescent lines and areas on his body, is inspired on the design of the costumes used in the film Tron; both the classic version of 1982 as the current, Tron Legacy.



Music is the third leg of Psychedelic Spaceship. It is made especially to enhance the evocative environments of the game.

Each level has its own musical composition. The depth of each piece will depend on the importance or complexity of the level. There is also a general theme for the game.

This is electronic music composed entirely by synthesizers and digital instruments. The style, in general, contains light and rhythmic sounds using spatial inspiration.

It is inspired by a mix of the style bachelor pad music from Space Age and the band Daft Punk.

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