ˆˆˆMain development lines

3D animation is widely used in architecture because of its ability to recreate realistic environments. In GATA ESTUDIO use the most advanced technologies in materials and lighting to create compelling and spectacular virtual representations. The applications are diverse:

Infographics for furniture catalogs

Heritage: 3D computer graphics and animation

Architectural Studies

Construction: promotion and marketing

Infographics for Urbanism

Environments Simulation


Architecture infographic project budget consultation

3D Digitized

3D Digitized with high detail of the different tile models of the company Cerámicas Mazarrón. Commercial compositions of roofs using realistic infographics.

Color proofs PORTOBELLO

Mounts street furniture BICICARD

Benches and bicycles CGI graphics integrated with real photographs.
Is intended to give an idea of the urban landscape after installation of furniture, its visual impact according to their different types and accessories.


Sacristy Santo Domingo de SILOS

This is the virtual representation of areas without access to the public of the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos. The goal is for people interested can visit these areas without physically entering.
We develop two visits, one in videogame format: visit in real time, and another in 3D video animation. This latter format provides greater relismo in general, but the quality of real-time version makes it confusing at times.
Is shown an excerpt from the version in 3D animation video.


Roofs simulator MAZARRON

HTML5 web application. 3D Simulator roofs.
The application allows you to select between two types of single family home: classic and modern. Using the interactive menu can be loaded into each housing different types of tiles from the manufacturer, color and texture.
It is also possible to adjust other elements such as color and type of facade. The goal is to get a visual idea of what product may fit better with end customer´s housing.


Recreation old Panama Mayor Square

Archaeological recreation of an extinct location, the old Panama Mayor Square. For its reproduction we part from a drawing and some images of existing ruins.



ˆˆˆMain development lines

Animation and 3D modeling offers many possibilities for the simulation of industrial processes and rapid prototyping, mixing visual and aesthetic, functional simulation of a system. These are the main applications:

Functional simulation of a production

Rapid prototyping


Animation for industry budget consultation

Power Bank 3D Animation

Realistic CGI animation showing an ITV course design and functionality of a power bank.


Animation Engineering Schemes

3D animation for the conceptualization in engineering. Prototyping of new concepts, rapid testing of plans, visualization of structures and performances, commercial and illustrative samples, graphic marketing.


Simulation design production line

From the design for a new production line, we generated a process simulation to test the feasibility of the design, ergonomics, safety, efficacy, functionality, optimization, location, freedom degrees, etc.



ˆˆˆMain development lines

3D animation and modeling offers many possibilities for commercial and educational activity. From a purely promotional purpose, the enrichment of an audiovisual product, the dissemination of an idea, even with an educational purpose. These are the main applications:

Marketing of a product or system

Dissemination or Disclosure

Educational animation


Consultation budget animation for the disclosure

CGI animation videoclip

ˆˆˆSCI-FI & Electronic Music

This video was born from the commission of the electronic musician Astroo to illustrate his piece "Invaders". It is set in a sidereal world of science fiction where small robots try to flee from a terrible invader that bursts into its nave-cube with a troop of flying saucers.
It is a CGI cartoon-style 3D animation with a neon aesthetic.

ˆˆˆAwards and Selections

First Animation of the Month Award (October)
12 Months Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania - 2017)

Selection of Animation Prizes Community of Madrid (World Animation Day)
Cine Círculo del Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, España - 2017)
Finalist Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes Roberto di Chiara
Asociación de Artistas Visuales Independientes de Valera (Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2017)
Selection Certamen Nacional de Videoclips
XXXI Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo (Valladolid, España - 2018)

Selection 4th Edition of the Best Animation
MovieScreenPro Film Festival (2018)

Finalist Concurso de Cortos de Animación
Círculo de Arte de Toledo (Toledo, España - 2018)
Proyection red de BARaderos
Shorty Week International Film Festival (Cádiz, España - 2018)
Selection Certamen Estatal Selectivo Unica
Secció de cinema i vídeo del CEC (Barcelona, España - 2018)


Promotional 2D Animation

ˆˆˆPropietario Financia

2D animation with 3D Cartoon scenes for the "Propietario Financia" association in Bilbao. This is a promotional animation that represents a conversation between several characters in which explains the advantages offered by the association.
Made in HD for multicast: streaming, broadcast, television, etc.


Documentary Animation

ˆˆˆOrphans of Oblivion

Short animation for the documentary by Lino Valera (direction) and Rodrigo Pérez Barredo (script) about the children of the war. Released in 2018 with the help of the Fundación Caja de Burgos, this documentary composes a very humane collective story, sometimes overwhelming, about the destiny of those Spaniards, in many cases separated from their own forever, in other protagonists of a frustrating return to a homeland that was alien to them.
The animation reflects any bombardment in any Spanish city, during the Civil War. The terror, the fury, the pain and the desperation that bursts into a red night.


Outdoor Advertising CGI Animation

ˆˆˆYoung Business Talents, Plaza del Callao, Madrid

Development of a realistic CGI animation. This is an animated illusion advertising for Young Business Talents sponsored by ESIC and NIVEA.The idea was that people passing underneath had the feeling that someone was actually climbing a ladder and tending to look. It was screened for 10 days on the giant screen of El Corte Inglés in the Plaza del Callao in Madrid.


3D Cartoon Animation for Children

ˆˆˆThe Room of Dreams

Production of 2 animated short films for children using 3D cartoon techniques. Intended to project them during a performance of children`s puppet theater. They represent the dreams of the protagonist of the play.
With a colorful and naïf style, evoking fantasy and dream worlds.



ˆˆˆMain development lines

Modeling is one of the specialties of the most complicated and artistic 3D development, processing could be compared to sculpture. It can be divided into two types according to employed technics and the artist capabilities: organic and inorganic.
The inorganic modeling is indicated for architecture and industry, it is simpler because it is based on the stacking of simple geometric objects and generating mathematical surfaces (machines, buildings, furniture, etc.) techniques. The organic is about very complex figures and living things, this is more complicated because it depends largely on the skill of the artist. These are the main applications:

Avatars for real-time applications

Virtual environments creation

Computer graphics and animation

3D digitization


3D modeling budget consultation

Avatar sign language translator

Modeling, rigging and animation for a virtual character integrated into an application for translating text to sign language.


Models for Augmented Reality, Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos

Modeling hominids and animals of different ages recorded in the Sierra de Atapuerca.

Models for a driving simulator

Modeling, rigging and animation for characters, objects, buildings and vehicles of a virtual world based on a real city for a driving simulator.

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