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  • Videogames
    Gamification for emotional health
    It is envisioning a new trend in game design where the theme is purely emotional and where the villain is oneself...
  • Web
    Renewing the web, a new momentum to generate more sales
    Often not we realize that the website of our company is becoming obsolete or outdated. The occupations of everyday life takes us away from these considerations and thought the fact of having a website is enough...
  • Realidad-Virtual
    Visitas Virtuales Patrimonio, tipos y ventajas
    There are 2 types, generally, of virtual tours: photographic 360º and 3D interactive. The most common are the photographic 360º. This type of virtual tour consists in a series of high-resolution photos from a displaced axis of the tripod and from different points around the place you want to work...


GATA ESTUDIO is born as a trademark of the graphic designer Ivan Diaz Barriuso.

GATA ESTUDIO is dedicated to the planning and development of tools and products for visual communication and multimedia.

In addition to standard developments, GATA bases its philosophy on constant innovation through efficient combination of new technologies and trends with the existing ones.

The goal is to provide companies and institutions with the latest products and tools in all areas: design, concept, technology, functionality.

This philosophy is based on a broad understanding of the technical, artistic and experimental vision and extensive experience in new developments.


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