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TASIO, the hunter

Tasio is a hard working man, can not stand still. It`s serene, serious leader. Transmits security and people follow him.

He has a small culture and unorthodox but a sharp and keen intelligence. It has very inflexible ideas, is stubborn and an ancient and with a deeply rooted idiosyncrasies. It is a practical man and at times surly.

When he discovers the vampire and his murderous activities takes the role of the hunter of wolves that has printed in his mind since childhood and, using his leadership, brings together a team of hunters composed by other undertakers.

He is the antagonist, the villain.

His dramatic need is simple and blunt as its own character: hunt and kill the vampire. He relentlessly will pursue to him to achieve his goal.

Stones in the Mouth, Iván Díaz Barriuso – – Tel: 34 649696263
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