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FARKAS, from where he comes?

Farkas Bartók was born in Hungary in the late seventeenth century within of a noble and wealthy family.

His father traded goods from the Middle and Far East. His mother died very young, the strong gothic aesthetic that surrounded the burial was recorded in his imaginative young mind.

After the death of his mother, his father is immersed in the occult acquiring knowledge from their contacts with Oriental antiquarians, however fails for lack of talent. Desperate he realizes that your child has artistic talent and decides to introduce him in the hermetic knowledge.

These studies were deep, mysterious and gorgeous, it fit perfectly with the Farkas character. Eventually he managed to conjure important entities of the underworld.

In a Walpurgisnacht he experimented with the spell of immortality, the most complex. That night in the village protected by his castle, were heard sparks and strangers wonders. Thereafter run rumors by surrounding towns and was created a superstition about the Strigoi, son of love and witchcraft. Farkas had become a vampire by self-merit.

Time passed and reached the Soviet revolution, who seized all its assets and flooded Europe with a cold lay thought, it began to wane in power and vitality, he needed the old faith, the superstition. He decided to emigrate.

Emigró a Alemania primero. La llegada de los nazis y su misticismo nórdico dieron un respiro a él, pero los estadounidenses pronto empezaron a invadir todo. La ciencia, las luces, los pueblos comenzaron a ser abandonado, no había nadie con las creencias ancestrales.

In France discovered a faint current of mysticism, it was the Camino de Santiago, through which the last Christian believers throughout Europe peregrinated to a sacred place located in Spain. Travelling that way will seek meetings with true believers and cheerful nights in dark hostels where he could suck to any pilgrim.

That was how he came to Burgos. Suddenly he found a city that seemed frozen in time. With a medieval look like few of his age, gothic, dark. A province with a lot of still inhabited villages and a rural and very religious population. Also the climate and the landscape resembled their homeland, seemed perfect. He decided to stay there and settled in the cemetery.

Extended Farkas` Story

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