Sideral Graphic Adventure
Stunning Sci-fi Atmospheres
Evocative original soundtrack
Awesome space flights
Stimulating challenges of ingenuity
Amusing Puzzles and Mazes
Thinking Out the Box
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Astrodelia is an amazing Science Fiction graphic adventure.

Guide Major Tom through amazing Sci-fi settings, an explosion of colors and shapes inspired by the Space Age and Science Fiction of all time. With an evocative original soundtrack that will immerse you in the universe of Astrodelia.

Test your ability to solve puzzles and brain teasers. Outwit enemies, overcome obstacles and mazes, think outside the box in order to save the Solar System from a terrible wandering black hole.

More than 30 different scenarios ensure hours of fun in this captivating sidereal graphic adventure.

There is also a parallel challenge, for those who want to go further. It consists of searching for several hidden codes in some scenes of the game by interpreting an ancient prophecy.

Hidden Codes

There is a very interesting parallel challenge in Astrodelia. It consists of searching for 5 hidden codes in some stages of the game.

They can be searched directly, although it will be more effective to rely on the Quinque Tenebris Claviculae manuscript, a fragment of the Codex Sileo Tempus (compendium of medieval manuscripts) that, apparently, prophesied the event from Saturn.

You can get the texts of the codex by accessing the website of the Top Astro Pioneers Club

Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack is specially composed to enhance the evocative atmospheres of the game. Apart from the general themes, each stage has its own piece of music. The depth of each theme depends on the importance or complexity of the stage.

Along the same lines as the graphic aesthetics, the soundtrack is inspired by a mixture of styles from different ages related to Space Ambient electronic music due to its affinity with Science Fiction. These are some themes

  • MusicPlayAstrodelia Theme
    MusicPlayEnd of the Mission
    MusicPlayInfinite Emptiness
    MusicPlayWatching the Black Hole
    MusicPlayReady to Trip
  • MusicPlayRapt in Structure
    MusicPlayFlying in the Immensity
    MusicPlayBright Loneliness
    MusicPlayDark Reverie
    MusicPlayA New Future
  • MusicPlayAstronomical Delight
    MusicPlayInfrared Centralization
    MusicPlayBlue Land Echoes
    MusicPlayNew Understanding
    MusicPlayFresh Purple Air
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