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Sheet Film
This story is the story of a standard nightmare, any one, for example the number 1024. It contains various typical elements of nightmares as the pursuit of a strange entity, difficulty running, sexual type incursions or surreal appearances from the atomized remembers of the dreamer (a cathedral with a pendulum as a censer, eternal falls on billfish pendulums, etc.

Camera movements and the animation oscillate between the jitter and calm to convey the burden of persecution without pause. The tracker is a strange element that does not reveal his true identity but that gives an aura of terror, thereby appealing to the suspense and imagination of the viewer.

The environments are typical of a dream where no details are observed outside the action and atmosphere becomes oppressive. The story line grows by a simple process of association of ideas.

The nightmare ends with a startled awake. Some people have thought that Nightmare 1024 has ulterior interpretations, however the reality is that means nothing, it´s just a nightmare
noctaDigital Animation Cinematography in Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos-Santander.

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