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Sheet Film
An indigenous leaves his cabin to relieve one morning on the moor. Suddenly a strange object falls from the sky. The savage is interested in its nature and the object reacts sharply and, like I had any connection with heaven, it starts to rain abundantly.

Humor short film referred to absurdity that sometimes arises from the relationship between Western technology and primitive cultures, is based on the idea proposed by the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy".

The Indian did not understand the true performance of a object, simple for a Westerner, however, ironically, gives a technologically more complex use. The format of the story is like "sketch" and passes in one place: the character faces to an object which favors the gestural animation.

At the end the character solves the problem with an absurd solution that exaggerate the approach to the topic of this story.
noctaDigital Animation Cinematography in Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos-Santander.

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