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Sheet Film
The idea of this story is born of personal vicissitudes that occurred during the experience of several interviews. Interviews, many who touched the absurd.

Is choosen the black and white highly contrasted by the expressionist character of the narrative. The story is divided into four parts, each very different to create a sense of time.

1. The journey to the place of interview: with counterpoint in the pace (fast scenes followed by slow scenes) to create a sense of unease. Light also follows this contrast dominating the dark (oppression). Through an expressionist narrative (the stairs going backwards) is pretended to explain that the trip to the interview has strange obstacles that hinder it.

2. The wait in the room: in a white room and with an aseptic luminosity repeats the haunting atmosphere while retaining the counterpoint (light-dark). Is continued the human silence but a rumor of water from a fountain symbolizing the flow of time is added. There other candidates who are engaged in a game of looks, exaggerated explanation of competitiveness arising in the rooms of waiting for job interviews. A megaphone voice breaks the silence and a candidate crawling through a hole (expressive image of the humiliated attitude of candidates and strengthening the overall suspense)

3. The interview: The human silence is definitely broken with an avalanche of words steadily , it is the only sound. The interviewer appears, an aggressive and opaque being (not shown gaze). The interview is transformed more and more into an absurd nightmare and the protagonist is at the mercy of the interviewer (metaphor of fly and spider) until it explodes in anger and leaves. A phone call occurs and the narrative is interrupted leaving a void.

4. Epilogue: It makes a look at pictures from the path followed by the hero up to the waiting room allowing the viewer to think about what could have happened after the call is made. In the room focuses on the fountain that continues to flow until the stream is cut slowly: signals the end, the end of the short film and what you want or can think.
noctaDigital Animation Cinematography in Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos-Santander.

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