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In the first quarter of the XXI century man think seriously about the colonization of other planets. The program to study Mars is sending massively rovers to the red planet. In 2015 world governments choose to concentrate on the Moon considering the colonization of Mars unfeasible. All robots they had sent are abandoned.

With time robots generate a themself civilization in the planet similar to their creators or their parent, the humans.

A robot family lives in a cottage and his life is like any human family. When a evening the father returns from work finds his eldest son, he stubbornly follow their own path, leave the house and go to the city, as his friends.

At night, the couple speaks at the grave of grandfather (one of the first settlers who were born on earth). Sadly they assume that the eldest will leave soon and the small, probably, will follow suit.

They are aware of their bitter role in the cycle of life: the generation of his father, the pioneers, were abandoned by human beings, now they are abandoned by their children. Nevertheless, life goes on.

This story has no beginning or end, is the portrait of a time interval divided into two parts: the journey of the pioneer and the daily lives of their descendants.
noctaDigital Animation Cinematography in Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos-Santander.

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